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So my pre-blogging

did come in handy after all. Last week our dvd drive (or optic drive for all you techies out there) went out. Capoot. Ian called to see if he could get some customer service agent to help him fix it over the telly. Of course they couldn’t so he made an appointment for the nearest Apple Store to fix it. The agent said you really can take it in whenever just as long as you take it in within 36 days because your warranty runs out then. Ian went in for the appointment and they didn’t have him down. He had to sit there and wait to see if they could fit him in. Just as he was about done sitting there, they were able to fit him in to see what the problem was. That agent said it was a good thing he was there that day because his warranty would run out the very next day. People are nuts sometimes. So we are out of a computer for another week, so I am fitting in a quick entry at my in-laws. For all of you with MACs out there…watch out for your future lost optic drive. They say it’s the number one problem with MACs…and that it’s the only one! I love our computer!
Enjoy some more pre-blogging my friends! I am so glad that I did!

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    October 27, 2008 at 11:55 am

    sounds to me like they are lacking customer service, too…eek!

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