Time Week 1 (Sorta A Fail)

I really don’t know what I was thinking.  I am mother of a 5 year old, a SUPER adventurous 19 month old and a brand new baby.  Did I really think that in one week I would be a better time manager just like that?!?!  Every day I’m being pulled in a million different directions (as I’m sure you are) and there are days where I don’t get a single thing done on “the list”.  

However, time was on my mind a lot since I posted about it last week.  I started to look at what I actually do during the day verses what actually needs to happen.  I am spending way too much time doing housework.  Granted, everything that I am doing NEEDS to be done.  We need clean dishes to eat off of.  We need sanitary bathrooms.  We need clean clothes to wear.  I am spending too much consecutive time on housework is more like it.  

I don’t need to be standing at the sink for 45 minutes doing all the dishes because I’ve let them pile up.  And I certainly don’t need to be sitting on the couch for more than an hour fold clothes like I did last night.

Does this picture resemble your laundry?  Yours might be better or worse, but I forgot that with each baby you have, you might as well double your current laundry load.  This picture isn’t even all of it.  I let it go thinking, “Oh, tomorrow I’ll get to it.”  Well, tomorrow means that I add another 5 more outfits, to the mix.  Not to mention burp rags, blankets and towels.  So, not only did it take me over an hour to fold and separate all of this, but I still have to put it in drawers and hang most of it up!  YIKES!

It’s not always like this.  I have been on top of it before.  So, I’m determined to do it again with a better strategy to get back some of my time…some of my life.  Each hamper that we have in the house, when full, is the perfect load amount for my washer and dryer.  When that hamper is full, I will promise myself that I will immediately put that load in to wash.  The moment I hear the washer stop I will immediately put that load into dry.  And the best part yet, I will actually turn on the buzzer.  It will only take me a few minutes to fold and put it all away.  Sounds good?  Sounds good!

What are your laundry tips and tricks?  How do you do it all?

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