“Time” Week 2

     Well, I can say that I had a much better handle on my laundry dilemma this last week.  Your comments were much appreciated and I enjoyed your tips and advice for sure! 

      Something that I’ve been doing for years now is cleaning off my washer and dryer while I put in a load of my kitchen towels and dish rags.  As I’m filling the washer basin, I run a rag under the water and just give my washer and dryer a quick wipe down.  I clean up any soap drips and dust that has collected and do this about once a month or when needed.  Then I toss in the rag into the load and call it done.  It only takes seconds to do and it helps keep my laundry room looking nice. 

      Another laundry tip I try to do (when I remember to do it) is button up the polo shirts completely and turn then inside out making sure the collar is unfolded.  Washing and drying it this way will help prevent that funky crease and folded up tips that tend to happen to polo shirts. 

{This was pinned by one of my readers and it’s so true!}

     To get more of your time back, have the kids fold the towels.  Show them a few times how you would like them folded and then turn the job over to them.  It helps them feel responsible, teaches them coordination (when they are young) and keeps them busy (and quiet) for a little while.  Then it gives you time to do something else.  Liam has been doing this job for about 2 years.  Now, I’m one that likes to have things nice, neat and uniform so this was a hard one for me to do at first.  I quickly realized how great Liam felt when he accomplished something on his own and they are just towels after all.  

Now that Liam is getting older I’m trying to find some new chores for him to do.  What are some chores that you have your kids do?     

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