Time Week 6

This whole time mission of mine is evolving into something other than I had first intended.  I am still going to be posting about little tricks and tips to help around the house and with life in general, but time is taking on a new meaning in my life.  It’s actually helping me find meaning in my life.

This week I’m focusing on taking the time to accept my life.  It sounds kind of random and depressing, right?  Not intended to be at all.  I’m accepting my life for what it is and where I am at right nowRight now I am a mom first, wife second and then Amy last.  Read more about my thoughts on that here.   I feel like my life is so imbalanced, but that imperfect balance is my life right now.  My reality right now is that I am a mom of three active and needy boys. 
With three under the age of 5, I certainly can’t expect to prop my feet
up all day and veg out in front of the tv/computer and have a happy family!  It won’t always be hectic because my boys will grow up (no matter how hard I wish they would stay young forever!) move away and gain families of their own.   

I love my boys.  Period.  My love for them cannot be measured.  And the same goes for my husband.  I remind myself when I get a little frustrated and temperamental with home life that I wanted this.  Years ago I prayed hard to my Heavenly Father asking for this life.  At the time I didn’t know what that entailed, but I for sure wanted it.  When I accept my reality for what it is right now, I feel better!  It’s not a depressing thought or something that bogs me down.  

Accepting your reality is also having the knowledge that you are only in control of you.  Also, be realistic of what you can control.  I can’t get my kids to grow up faster.  I can’t do the laundry any faster than the machine will allow.  But I can control how I spend my time.  I can control my thoughts and attitude about my reality.

Now if comes down to you accepting your reality of something negative, that’s not what I am talking about here.  If you are in a bad relationship, change it.  If there is a work situation, change it.  If you’re fat, change it.  Take control of those things you have control over…i.e…you and your time!

I hope this makes sense.  I hope this helps someone else besides me.  Take the time to spend your time wisely.  

Let me leave you on a lighter note that might strike a (humorous) cord with some of you moms with young kids…

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