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It is pouring rain outside and a little while ago it was hailing. This cruddy weather always puts me in a great mellow mood. I love it when it rains! I have just been tooling around doing a little here and a little there.

Last night…ON HIS OWN…Ian decided that he was going to put up the crib! I was so excited and helped with what I could (which was basically holding the bolts and screws for him). Once we get everything put in place I will take a picture. It really hit me that now I want her here more than ever. This will be a long 5 months. Good thing we have some fun holidays to get our minds off it, for a little while!

My two girlfriends are throwing me a shower in early November. We decided it would be best to get it done before all the holidays so when the next year comes, we can be settled with all our things. There are 87 people on the invite list! Only about 10 of them are family and good friends that are out of town (sending them an invite to let them know we love them and wish for them to be there). I think Barbie said it best, and don’t even know if she remembers saying this, that everyone has waited so long with us that this baby is going to be a ROCK STAR! Since there are so many people that I want to come, we are actual having it at the same reception hall that Ian and I got married in. Jenn and Rachel wanted my input on what to eat so I am currently deciding on what sounds yummy. I really can’t express how exciting this is going to be for me and Ian. I love parties, but for this time around it to be for MY baby…it’s a wonderful feeling!

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