My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Short



Each year (well, just for the past two years really) I make a Year In Review DVD of all the high lights of that year. Basically all my favorite pictures we have taken because we really don't do too much during the year. It's nothing to fancy, but I love doing it! I always make a copy for my each of our parents...because I like to torture them with 25 minutes of our lives! Ian cuts through all the pictures and music and makes a shortened version so we can post it for other family and friends on our blogs. I hope you enjoy...and you might even be in it!


  1. Oh, Amy....I loved it, I even shed a tear here and there. No words are needed when you have beautiful pictures to capture life's moments.

  2. I hope you realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, because I may just have to copy you on this whole video idea. I LOVE IT. Such a wonderful way to bring the whole year together! You are incredible!

  3. It was great. Loved, loved. loved it. Super job.

  4. *tears* i freakin' miss you like crazy. the pics of us girls made me cry and cry. but i am pregnant so hormones are my excuse!! lol.
    i loved the video. it was awesome.

    hugs and kisses to the boys! we love you.

  5. I watched this on Ian's blog. So fun