About Me

I’m Amy, the smart cookie behind My Name Is Snickerdoodle.  I’ve loved sharing a little of my life here for the past 9 years!

I believe passion comes in all forms and the two top things I’m passionate about are my family and food!  In the year 2000 I married my fantastically lovable and handsome husband, Ian.  After a long seven years of infertility issues, we had our easy going son, Liam.  Four years later and more infertility issues we had our adventurous son, Owen.  Then almost 18 months to the day, our little miracle, Slone was born.  Being a mom of three boys is definitely the most challenging and fabulous thing I’ve ever done!

For me, food is love.  It’s one of the ways I show love and how I feel loved.  Finding and sharing scrumptious recipes has become a super hobby of mine!  I have a love/hate relationship with the kitchen.  I love getting in there and creating new dishes, but don’t get me started on how much I hate cleaning up afterwards!  I’m also discovering how much I absolutely love photographing food as well.

My other passions spill over on adorable crafts, collecting aprons, anything the color pink, fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies and watching any and all episodes of Gilmore Girls.

Thanks for checking out My Name Is Snickerdoodle.  I hope you find some recipes you just love, are inspired to be a little more creative and leave a little happier!