A Little Joy

This little boy is such a joy to be around!  I know the last 5 months have flown by because I’ve been so memorized by him.  Anytime he makes eye contact with you, he gets the biggest smile on his face.  And not just any smile.  The smile that says “I think you are the best ever!”. 

He is completely enamored by his brothers (especially Liam) and loves their attention.  Both older boys are so tender with him and love to bring him toys to play with. 

It was time to ween him off the binks (binky/pacifier) and he did it in one day.  He can’t decide whether he likes his two fingers (like his brothers) or his thumb to suck on. 

He absolutely LOVES his jumper which I’m so grateful for.  Liam and Owen liked it for maybe 5 minutes, but he is content to jump, jump, jump. 

He’s not to keen on the whole rice cereal so I’m going to wait until he is 6 months.

Having three little boys is a daily struggle.  Especially since all of them have big personalities.  But, I remind myself of all those years I prayed and prayed daily for just one child to come to our family.  And now, three later, I know that I am blessed! 

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