Current Favs

I love watching period piece movies. Love ’em! When this adorable American blogger who is currently living in England (jealous!) recommended watching a new BBC show, I knew it was for me. Downton Abbey was originally aired in the states on PBS, but I happened upon it on Netflix.
The downside to this series…it doesn’t continue UNTIL winter 2012! What??? Bug!
And speaking of shows, did you happen to catch Mobbed? I was crying and smiling throughout the last half of the show. I want to be somewhere when a flash mob happens!

I discovered some very fun food for baby. Plum Organics.

I have to admit what caught my eye first was the packaging. It wasn’t much more than the Gerber food I needed to buy and I love that they had some great combo’s. Little one loved the spinach, peas and pear pair up. I purchased it at Target.

Oh man I love him!
My favorite current story about Liam had me laughing with tears! My friend Tiffany (who teaches preschool in our co-op) shared this with me last week. **I normally send Liam with a sports bottle of water, but his day I couldn’t find it so I sent him with a cup to be filled up with water.** The boys were done with lunch and she was cleaning up. She asked Liam to dump his cup out then put it in his lunch box. He gave her a funny look then proceeded to dump all of his water on the floor then put his cup in his lunch box! She laughed then handed him a towel to clean up his mess. I love that I knew exactly what that little face looked like because I have seen it many times when he is processing something that he’s not so sure about.
He is simply the best!

I am so loving the Scensty warmer my mom gave me for Christmas. She asked me what I would like for my birthday coming up and I said SCENSTY!!! You need to especially check out Skinny Dippin’ and Shades of Green. Perfect for Spring! (Thanks Mom!)

My favorite April’s Fool’s was this year. We had our fabulous friends, the Eastmans, over for dinner. She brought these ever so wonderful “cupcakes” and we devoured them! I have always wanted to try these, but have been too chicken. SO CUTE!
{BTW we had a blast with the both of them. Cracking up over how to cook eggs and getting great tips on what are the best beaches in FL. They are some of the coolest people we know!}

Laaaaauuuuuving my new ring I picked up last week. Just ignore the old woman spotted hands!

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