No Flashing Allowed!

I was so excited when I made a new discovery that you want to know
what first popped in my mind?
“I gotta blog about this! It will change women’s lives!”
Okay it might not change your life, but it sure made me feel a whole lot more comfortable. Remember when I bought this adorable gauzy floral shirt? I paired it up with a cute striped shirt underneath, but last week I wanted to go for a cardi look. I LOVE cardigans. Plain and simple. I currently own a few, but I have worn them for years now. They are cute, stylish and better yet, you can hide bulges that should never be view by the naked eye and they can make sleeveless shirts wearable by being modest.
Well, this floral, sleeveless shirt was very roomy in the chest area because the shoulders were too big. I had a cardi that I paired it with, but whenever I moved you could see my unmentionables and it was bugging me that I was constantly shifting it back and over. In the past I have done the whole saftey pin thing, but usually forgot about them when changing and ripped a tiny hole in my shirt. Not pleasant.
I was about to give up when a light bulb went off!

For Christmas I bought some super nice collar stays from Nordstroms. Wurkin Stiffs come with a tiny, ultra strong magnet to make them even better at staying in place.
I snagged four of those suckers and got to work.

{Hello, frowny face!}

I put one under my shirt and unmentionables, placed my shirt where I needed it to be then placed another magnet on top. I did this on both sides. Then my cardigan covered it up. I didn’t have to worry about it another second. I am sure you could find some super strong magnets at an office supply store and get the same results.
Seriously people…life altering…
better yet…clothes altering with no sewing!

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