Family Reunion Bingo Game

I get the most emails and comments asking me about one thing.  How did I create my Family Reunion Bingo Cards (found way back here!)?
The answer is I totally convinced my husband it would be a great idea for him to figure it out in Photoshop!  Hahaha!  He did a great job, but it took him a long time to do.  It was 4 years ago and to give you a tutorial on that would be too long and boring!  I probably wouldn’t even understand it myself.  If you do know someone who’s great at it, by all means, bake them some cookies as a bribe!


OR you could use PicMonkey.  It’s a great photo editing website that also has great picture collages/grids you can just plug your pictures into.  I should let you that I am not getting paid for this post.  I just think this is the best solution for all of you non Photoshop users!
Once we had made everyone a bingo card (making sure that each were different) we printed them off at Costco and then adhered them to white chipboard.  You could also use cardstock.  We then typed up everyone’s name with each letter of BINGO by it as the call out cards.  Everyone brought a $5 or under gift as the prizes so there was a variety to choose from if you won.  We used plenty of M&M’s for markers and for eating!

This was a family reunion that Ian and I were in charge of for his side
of the family.  We went to Florida and had a ton of fun things planned like Disney World and the beach!
Knowing that half of us were younger than 10 years old I knew we would
need some down days where we weren’t going all the time.
We played bingo one late afternoon and everyone loved it!  It got a little competitive with the adults, but all in good fun.   Everyone took their cards home as a little souvenir from the trip.  It’s fun to pull them out now and play with our kids!

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