Let’s face it…

I am imperfectly living a perfect life. Seriously…I could go on an on about how great my life is. But, I consider my blog NOT one of those blogs. I hope you do too. Yes, I most always try to put my best foot forward here, but I also try to keep it real. Not so real that I will post pictures of my disaster I call a kitchen, though! Lately I have been struggling with everything. It must be the ‘hormonies’ and my body telling me, “You just had a baby!” While the emotional side of me is crying her little guts out over the stupidest things, my logical mind is yelling, “Suck it up, chick!” And then there is my spiritual insides whispering, “Look around and comfort yourself in all of these blessing surrounding you.”
So today, while I let the emotional me get a head start from the moment I woke up, the logical and spiritual side won today’s battle.
Liam and I butt heads, a lot. His will and my will very rarely have the same agenda. Today when we got home from running errands and going to a super fun preschool/baby shower for a dear friend, he and I had just had it with one another. I am in the kitchen making his lunch and I see him go into my room and kneel by my side of the bed and clasp his hands. (I have a straight shot view from where I am standing). I hear him, in his sweet little voice say, “Heaven Father, we’re thankful for this day…” something I can’t hear then something about a peanut butter and jelly sand which and some more jibber jabber that I can’t hear from where I am standing…”in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”
He proceeds to the kitchen where I am trying not to let him know that I was watching him, crying my eyes out. He makes me get down on his level, puts his hand on my hand and tells me, “Mom, I prayed for you.” SERIOUSLY!!! Life IS good!

Whether you have bad mom moments or just bad days in general everyone needs a cheerful moment to kick them in butt! I came up with a very fun giveaway to help with those “blue days” so be looking for that soon! But don’t forget about this giveaway that is closing tomorrow.

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