My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Watch out


Watch out

scrapbook are going to get used this weekend! Ian had a redeye out this morning to Arizona for his Opa's funeral and won't be back until Monday. We stayed at Hal and Janine's last night because the ride to the airport was only going to be 20 minutes instead of 1 hour from our house. Well of course we stayed up till midnight knowing quite well that we had to get back up at 3. I still haven't heard from him so I sure hope he got there safely. Anyways, I have big plans to get finished with 2005 and finally get caught up with 2006 layouts. I am scrapbooking with some neighborhood ladies tonight, then Jenn is hopefully coming over either Friday or Saturday. I don't sleep well when Ian isn't around so I am sure that I will stay up and scrap my little heart out! OOOhhhh...I think I may get some Olive Garden to go sometime this week!!! DELISH!


  1. Enjoy your scrapping time--he'll be home before you know it and you'll be TIRED! ;)


  2. Have a great time scrapbooking. I hope you're productive!!

  3. I'm the same way...have HORRIBLE nightmares the first couple of nights Tom's gone, but am much more productive. Enjoy it!

  4. You crack me up. I love you to death. But you want to eat dinner and it wasn['t with me.