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The little nerd

inside of me is so excited! Ian called earlier and made arrangements to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter tonight. My mom is going to watch Liam...or rather listen for him (crossing our fingers that he will stay asleep). The older I get the earlier I get tired and want to go to bed so I am hoping that the little nerd will stay awake long enough to enjoy the movie! I am actually looking more forward to the 7th book coming out so tonight will probably make me more crazy in waiting two more weeks!
I finally looked through all 1500 pictures last night from our family reunion. That didn't even include the 400 senior pictures that Ian took of his little sister. And after the almost hour long slide show, you know what my thought was? "We should have taken more pictures." Now that is certifiable for ya! We are having some computer difficulties so it's going to be just a little bit before I can get pictures up. I've gotten to the point that I think that I can't blog without a picture. So here's to me breaking out of the box!


  1. i can't wait to see the movie, though, embarrassingly enough...i got stuck in the middle of the book and have yet to finish it, though i will have the new book the day it comes out...(cheapest i've found is wally world and you can pre-order for $.97 s/h)...i know, shame on me!!

  2. and p.s. i should post pics of g's 2nd and 3rd halloween's...he was the CUTEST harry potter EVER!

  3. I can't wait for the movie!