My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Weekend Getaway!


Weekend Getaway!

My bestest girl, Rachel, came into town last weekend! We didn't get any picture of us, but she snapped a few of my boys and I love them!

We hit up Charming Charlies, Corner Bakery, Kohls and Kroger. She wanted to make my "famous" Chicken Nugget recipe with me so I granted her wish. They didn't turn out right, but were still good! We also followed up with tradition of eating Blue Bell ice cream late at night and then I actually slept in her hotel on a super comfy bed to myself! The next morning we started up a new tradition by picking up Donna's Donuts and hanging out for the few hours before she had to fly back home. I love having a flight attendant as a friend because I gain from her wonderful benefits as well!


  1. awwww....i love you so much. your boys are a JOY to my heart. (Ian included! ;) hehe.) spending the day with them was so fun. they were amazingly patient with their crazy aunty. hahahaha. your nuggets were DELISH!! and donna's donuts is a definite new tradition. i love my job because it lets me have BFF time! gotta love that. {hugs}

  2. Love the pictures of the boys. Liam with his hats. What a little MAN. He cracks me up. Both boys are so handsome and very smart.
    Love you.