My Name Is Snickerdoodle: How To Decorate Cactus Cupcakes


How To Decorate Cactus Cupcakes

I'll be the first to admit that I am late to the cactus and succulent party.  They have been trending for a while now and I just didn't see the appeal at first.  I'll give you two reasons why.
The first, is I grew up in Las Vegas where it is hot.  And by hot, I mean boiling for most of the year.  It was never my favorite weather.  Cactus plants always remind me of trying to successfully climb out of a hot car in shorts and not have my thighs stick to the seat.
The second reason is my youngest fell into a cactus a few years ago and it was pretty traumatizing.  You can read all about it here.  I did learn how to effectually remove the needles from skin so I guess that was a plus! 
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So, now you can see why I was pretty reluctant to think that any form of cactus or succulents were cute or adorable.  However over these last few months I can finally see that they are part of nature and can appreciate their beauty. 
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That's why I was so excited to created these super adorable potted Cactus Cupcakes and share them over on the Oriental Trading Blog. 
How to make Cactus Cupcakes  |
These truly are the cutest little cupcakes are even more cute when you place them in a tiny ceramic pot.  I believe it's all in the details.  You might even have all the ingredients in your pantry to make these today.  They are super easy to create and I can't wait to see your version of them!
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Find all the details on my post HERE over at the Oriental Trading Company Blog.  

How to make Cactus Cupcakes  |

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