Busy, Busy, Busy

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels like this month has just flown by.  I had big plans of blogging all month long with holiday recipes, decoration tips and kid friendly crafts.  Then, our computer “crashed” and I was thrown off my game.  However, call it a Christmas miracle…our computer is just fine!  So here I am, slamming you with grainy photos from my phone in attempts to share a little of our crazy and busy life this last month.  

This was the first year we weren’t around any family for Thanksgiving.  
But that didn’t stop me from making a full on feast just for us! 

That night we did end up going to a dessert party with a lot of our new friends we’ve made.

I’m in love with my chalkboard I refinished.  More on that tutorial later!

 The week after Thanksgiving was freezing.  Well, freezing for Austin.  
We kept warm and bundled up while watching movies and 
eating dozens of homemade cinnamon rolls.  (Recipe to come!)

It was fun decorating our new house.  Here’s just a sneak…

I can’t get enough of my marshmallow snow chandelier!  

More chalk art.

Our simple, yet super cute advent calendar this year.  
I used these printables and put some chocolates in each bag.  
The boys (and I) are loving it! 

We went old school this year and Liam made some of our Christmas cards. 

We cleaned out the toy room and Slone had a blast just playing in the box of donations. 

Cookies, cookies and more cookies.  
A lady from Ian’s work hired me to make them and I was happy to do it!  
Stressful, but check out the outcome of some of them…

I had fun packaging up Ian’s work gifts.

Liam loves his teacher so much that he gave her 
his gingerbread house he made all my himself!  (He’s such a little winker!)

A friend watched the boys while I helped Ian celebrate his birthday.  
We were the first ones in to see The Hobbit. 

I love this goofy picture of Slone.  
We went with a bunch of friends to a Walk in Bethlehem two towns over.  
It was such a fantastic experience that we can’t wait for next year!  

Liam was a little concerned this year about his behavior.  He needn’t be!  No coal for him.  

I made my list for Santa this year!

We’ve been partying it up with friends!  
Now that we have a little bit more wiggle room in our home, 
we hosted a party this year.  
Couldn’t have been better!
I sure hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday! 

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