It’s All In The Details

When I posted my recipe for Peppermint Popcorn last Friday, I was really surprised at how many of you contacted me wanting to know about the little sign I made! 

I had also brought some Peppermint Pretzels to my little Enrichment meeting and at the last minute, created two labels for each of my treats.  It was purely for the fact I wanted people to know what they were eating.  When you do potluck style, you never know what you’re going to get (literally) so I thought I would just tag my desserts.  A few friends oohed and ahhed over them and commented that it truly is all in the details.

Because so many of you inquired where I got them, it sparked an idea that I couldn’t wait to share.  I needed your help first and so I went to FB to ask you.  What are your favorite pie/desserts to make for Thanksgiving?  Here are the top of the list that you all love to eat with a few of my own favorites thrown in!

I’m not fancy enough yet to set up a widgety-gadget for you to download this then print it directly.  So just right click, save it, open it in whatever program you have, then print!  I even printed mine on regular ol’ printer paper.  They are small enough (2×3) that they weren’t floppy when I taped them to the skewer.  You could even adhere these to cute paper straws if you were feeling extra fancy!

I hope you enjoy them!  

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