Fabulous Food Friday #88

It’s no secret that I used to not be a huge sandwich fan. I didn’t really grow up with anything other than pb&j’s and bologna (gag!). Ian on the other hand…could eat a sandwich every meal of the day. It took some getting used to, but now I like a good sandwich every now and then. But if it’s a club, I will always go for it. Maybe it’s the bacon. Maybe it’s the toasted bread. I don’t know, but it took me this long to discover that I could make it at home instead of ordering at a restaurant! This really isn’t a recipe so make yours to your liking!

Club Sandwich
White Bread
Wheat Bread
Romain lettuce or fresh spinach
Turkey deli meat (I like it smoked)
1 ripe Avocado
Bacon, cooked (I used the pre-cook kind)
1 large vine ripe tomato
Cheddar cheese, sliced
Mayonnaise (must be Hellmann’s!)

Toast three slices of bread. You can do with two wheat/one white or two white/one wheat. Slice your avocado (usually half for one sandwich). Spread mayo onto the two outer slices of bread. Then start to layer. As pictured, he was my layering sequence…White bread, mayo, lettuce, cheese, two slices of turkey, tomato, wheat bread, bacon, avocado, two more slices of turkey, lettuce, mayo, then white bread.

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