Get A Life!

I’m a home body.
Always have been. 
It’s not a bad thing.

It becomes a bad thing when you think of getting out of the house and you dread the effort it will take to do so. 

Anyone else know what I mean?  I use my children as an excuse for not getting out more.  I use the excuse that I have too much housework to do anything fun for myself.  I use both of those things combined to not strengthen my relationship with my husband because I’m too tired.  We don’t have enough money…our home is too small…I just had a baby (like 9 months ago)…I can’t even blog because I have nothing supreme to post about…I’m not happy because no one is making me happy…blah, blah, blah.  Then everything starts to turn into comparing myself to others and we all know how well that DOES NOT go!  

Call it not motivated.
Call it lazy.
Call it stupid.

Whatever it is, I’m over it.

I’m over my lazy self.

A great wonderful life takes effort and I’ve been avoiding that effort for too long.

Why in the world is she blogging about this? (I’m sure most of you are asking yourself this!)

Because I’m admitting it “outloud” so I can have some sort of accountability out there in the world.  Ian and I had a conversation about this last night and his response was, “Get a life.”  Not as in get-a-life-you-terrible-loser, but as in go-and-get-the-life-you-feel-will-make-you-happy-again-and-do-those-things-you-love.

Get a life doesn’t mean that you go crazy and join every club, attend every playgroup, attempt to be superwoman and keep up with the Jones’ and what they are doing on their blog.  To me it means simply stop sitting around all day complaining, waiting for something to happen, expecting your life to be perfect every second of the day and do those things that you love.  Take time to accomplish one project that’s on that impossible list of yours.  If your dream is to start a charity, start taking those steps one at a time and make it happen.  Start writing that cook book that’s been on the back of your mind for years now.  Whatever it might be, go and get a life.     

So, that’s what I’m going to do. 
Not try to do, but just do.  

One of my favorite quotes (I’ve shared before) is by Ab Lincoln…
       “A person will be just about as happy as they make up their mind to be.”

If you find yourself dreading anything that takes effort, get a life. 
And not just a great one.
One super fabulous one. 

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