I Found The Smelly Solution

A few weeks ago I asked everyone on my FB page what they used to make their home smell great.  I got some really wonderful ideas and some new products that I’m excited to try…just not right now.  The majority voted for warmers which I’ve done before and loved.  Until I accidentally bumped it (I had it in the kitchen) and wax went everywhere.  Maybe when I have a bigger kitchen and can have it in an unused corner somewhere.

Every now and then I really like to light aromatic candles because I love the feel of candles…so glowy and romantic.  However, with my boys who like to play around, it’s not so smart to have any open flames.

I really like the idea of plug ins, but I run into the same issue as the candle.  Boys who are adventurous and I don’t want to always be hounding them to stay away from it.  Plus, my littlest is completely mobile and I can see him honing in on them.

A few days ago I wandered into Bath and Body Works.  I hadn’t been in years (literally) and basked in the scents of heaven.  I found they had car scents and bought two for my car.  I put one in my car and the other insert I set aside on my bar in the kitchen waiting to be put back in the car.

It’s a small little disk that’s not obtrusive so I decided to peel back the label and set it behind some containers I had there.  Out of site and away from any little hands.  My house smells fabulous!!!  I decided to experiment a little, purchased a few more and set them above the cabinets in each of the bathrooms.  No flame, no worrisome wax and no plugs!  Even when Liam walked into the bathroom today commented on how good it smelled in there.

So there you have it.  My bright idea (I’m sure I’m not the one who’s thought of this) that I just had to share with you!

I’m very much a clean/citrus scent kind of girl, but am always curious
what scents others use in their home.  Are you more of a vanilla, musk
or flowery type person? 

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