I am pregnant!
We were ultra surprised because for every pregnancy I’ve had, I had to be on fertility meds.
So after years and years of trying and after months and months on meds with all three past pregnancies, it just happened this time around.
Not planned.
Not stressed about.
Ian and I couldn’t be more thrilled!
It’s definitely a testament to us and our family that prayers are answered,
even if it takes years to happen.

And yes, I’ve been pretty sick.
Well, more sick than I’ve been in the past.
Bacon is definitely on the “don’t even be in the same room with” list and brushing my teeth
AND keeping my dinner digested is a daily challenge.
My sense of smell is usually the culprit of a week stomach,
but I am pushing through it all because of the wonderful joy that is happening.

The number one question I get asked? “Are you hoping for a girl?” Yes, yes we are!

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful well wishes and happiness for our family!
We definitely feel very loved!

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