Perfectly Cooked Hard Boiled Eggs

I know I usually try to stick to Fridays to share a recipe with you, but I thought Friday might be a little too late for this one. Some of you might be getting a jump start on your egg-dying “egg”stravaganza for Easter weekend coming up and I want you to have the most perfect cooked eggs…ever!

I found this “trick” years ago when watching America’s Test Kitchen and have been doing it this way every since. I used to boil them for 20-25 minutes straight and they never turned out right…that yucky green ring is just not that appealing, people!

Perfect Hard (Or Soft) Boiled Eggs


Place as many eggs as you need in a medium or large pot (depending on how many you make). Try sticking to a single layer instead of having them pile on top of one another.
Fill pot with cold water, covering the eggs with about an inch of water above to top of the shell.
On medium high heat, bring to a boil and salt water with about 1 teaspoon of salt. You don’t want it to be a hard rolling boil, but more a gentle rolling boil. Once the water is boiling set your timer…

6 minutes for a soft boiled egg (soft, dark yellow yolk)
8 minutes for a hard boiled egg (firm, pale yellow yolk)

Remove from heat and cover with a lid. Set the timer again for 6 minutes. While you are waiting for the eggs to finish, fill a large bowl with ice and then with cold water. Once the eggs are done, immediately remove each egg with a spoon and place them in the ice water. Let them cool completely, about 5 minutes.

Perfection every time!

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