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How does my space get so messy in such a short amount of time??? It literally can take me seconds to junk it up…what to do? I guess it must be cleaned, but tomorrow! I was just catching up on some computer stuff tonight and found some new blogs that I am sure that I will enjoy! Why is that we like to read other’s thoughts and what they did that day? I don’t know, but it sure is fun! Ian is watching some show on how to make pottery. At first it was driving me crazy, but I thought that I use to love to do pottery. Luckyily they offered it in school and my mom still has a few of my pieces. I love to craft. Any which way that I can, I have to craft!
Last night we went to a wedding reception for one of Ian’s best friends growing up. We visited with some family and friends and had a great time. They had a candy bar so I partook quite frequently!!! I am in a candy phase of my life. It used to be chips and crackers, but now I am onto the sweets. Which is worse? I think about that while I am eating my raisinets!
Such a random post…

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