Clean Up In Isle 7

Things have gotten really messy around here.  
I guess with little ones…
little ones that are of the male gender…
there is always something to clean up!  
Lately I’ve tried hard to just take a breath and either laugh about it or take a picture.  
It’s much better than getting upset, right?  
Because I  n e v e r get upset (note heavy sarcasm there!).
I’ve procrastinated long enough with letting Owen eat the messy stuff by himself.  And this is why.  
He’s only going to get better at it, right???? 
Good thing I took the extra percaution and thought to put a big on him. 
Because it was sooooo helpful!  Hahaha!
Yesterday I actually instigated the messiness.  
Yes, me!  
I handed a phone book to Liam and sent both the boys to their room.  
Liam thought I was completely nuts when I told him (with a twinkle in my eye
that I didn’t want them to come out until every single page had been ripped out. 

They had such a great time!  Almost 1 1/2 hours of pure fun!  
I won’t lie. 
 It was nice on my part as well because I got some things done without being interrupted.  
Completely worth the clean up! 

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