The State Fair

I’ve never been to a state fair. Ever. So this year we decided it was time
and you know Texas…
they like to do things big and the Texas State Fair is huge!
We so loved it and look forward to spending millions going back again!
What was really nice is that it was Kid’s Day so on some of the games,
if they played they won a prize.
Ian and I were laughing because not matter what game Liam played he
would have have won most of them anyways!

Pop the balloons…win a prize. Check.

Knock the milk bottles over. Not so much.
The carni over the booth told us all but one set is glued down. Real nice.

Making sure we picked out the perfect junk prize. Check.

Pass the height requirement. Check.

Totally look cool while riding your very first state fair ride. Check.

Pose with your brother. Check.

Fly high in the sky while your mother second guesses putting you on the ride by yourself. Check.
TOTALLY love the scariest kid ride. Check. (Liam’s in the red flier.)

Make the trek up to the top of slide then wrap yourself up in
a greasy, dirty, community blanket. Check.
(Ian and Liam flew down!)

Wait for daddy and brother to ride the carousel. Check.

Completely enjoy yourself on the bumpy car ride. Check.
(This was my favorite face of the whole day!)

Say cheese for daddy for the millionth time. Check.

Thinking you truly will win the water balloon game, but loose to a toothless woman. Check.

Indulge in a piping hot corn dog and then immediately regret it. Check.

Make up for the corn dog with a sweet treat. Check.

Talk to a super grumpy Buzzard named Buford. Check.

Enjoy the car ride home more than you did the fair. Check.
(That’s okay because he didn’t have to pay admission for him.)

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