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Little list

of little things gone on and going on!

*We had our second date night since Liam’s birth on Friday! (Our first one (that I never told you about) was in Texas. There were 4 babysitters there *1 grandma and 3 aunts* so I felt good about leaving him. There is this amazing place called Papasito’s that we frequently visited at least once a week! Hands down the best fajitas in the WORLD!!! We slipped away one afternoon, to gorge ourselves on this big slice of heaven. The best tortillas, the best queso, the best everything! Of course we didn’t want to be rude and bring back measly leftovers with 17 people in the house so we ate it all. It was so worth it to walk out of there with buttons undon…not really, but highly uncomfortable!) Anways, this Friday we went out with the gang to dinner at Bajio’s and saw the Bourne Ultimatum. If we hadn’t sat so close I think I would have enjoyed it more, but it was pretty good. Afterwards we went back to Jenn’s house and played the Newlywed Game. 8 years, 7 years and 3 years really doesn’t constitute any of us being newlyweds, but it’s still entertaining.

*Liam is rolling around everywhere! He is starting to put his legs underneath his belly and pushing forward. It’s so exciting to see him grow and learn. I swear that every time he wakes up from a nap, he is more like a little boy than a baby.

*He had his 6 month check up last week and he went down in weight a little, but is as tall as ever! With a dad that is 6’4″ I don’t think he will be on the short side. We have to go back to just rice cereal because he had this horrible rash on the side of his head due to a veggie or fruit that I was feeding him. I had a moment of mom guilt, but realized that I don’t need to beat myself up over it because it something so fixable.

*I am already getting information on that yearly scrapbook retreat that I go to with ladies in my church and neighborhood. Man, does a year fly by. It’s in January so I am very tempted to save up all my layouts until then so I can have something to do! (Yeah right, I am so far behind that who knows when I will catch up again!)

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    August 17, 2007 at 12:22 pm

    enjoy all the little things that L does…and seriously don’t worry about the whole food thing…i discovered with g and k that i was probably the cause of their upset tummy’s probably due to all the dairy (READ CHOCOLATE MILK) that i ate/drank…kisses for the dude!

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