Christmas Eve

Like all of you, I am sure, I can’t believe that the year is coming to an end. And I am just squeezing in my Christmas post just in time!

Christmas Eve we spent at Ian’s parents house with almost all of his siblings. We had one delicious ham dinner and then for dessert a BYOM party…Bring Your Own Mug for hot chocolate. I brought all of the toppings!
{I seriously love my HSM mug!}

Afterward the cousins got to open their gifts to each other and from the grandparents.
{Liam was a big helper and opened up Owen’s gift which he claimed as his own.}

He then recieved some fingerless gloves from his cousins. If you know Liam at all you wouldn’t think this was the most odd gift ever. He LOVED them!

This year I decided to implement one of my family traditions…reenacting the Nativity.
Liam was a little wise man/shepard (he couldn’t make up his mind) with his cousins as Mary and Joseph.
Little baby “Jesus” had just fallen asleep and was too into his binky to take a picture with his “mother Mary”.

What a sight! My favorite part about this picture is Ian dressed as a wizard wise man! He got a snuggy from work and sported it all evening long. Everyone was a good sport as Ian’s dad read from the scriptures.

Ian’s sister and her family live close to us so all got mingled into our two cars on the way home. When we dropped Amory off at her house and were pulling out of her driveway,
at their neighbors house. Seriously. When our headlights flashed on him he stopped dead in his tracks, made sure we weren’t going to run him over and he slung his pack onto his back. I didn’t see the reindeer anywhere, but I am sure they were on the look out. It gave me the chills…for real! Liam was so beside himself.
When we got home, we discovered that Mrs. Claus had taken our stockings and left us all new pajamas. With Santa being so close to our neighborhood we knew had to be in bed soon or else he wouldn’t show up. He still had some wrapping to do so he came around midnight…ug!

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