A Little Lunch Box Tip

A few weeks ago I was all excited to start making Liam’s lunches and found some great inspiration here.  The novelty is starting to wear off, but that’s to be expected…kind of like when you get a new vacuum cleaner and you can wait to use it, but then you start to resent the fact that you need to vacuum in the first place!

Over the summer I found some monster lunch bags that I was very excited to use.  I do have some reusable containers that I put most of his food in.  One, to save money and two, to save the earth.  This morning all of those were dirty and in the dish washer.  Everything needed to be put in baggies and I found a trick a few days ago that I just had to share!  I’m sure all of you were already doing this, but just in case you hadn’t thought of it, you will now be the genius that we all know you are!

I packed some chips and didn’t want them to be completely smooshed by the time lunch rolled around.  I sealed it up most of the way, blew some air into it and the closed it completely.  I also did the same with his sandwich.  No more smooshed or flattened food!

Okay, now your turn.  
What are some tricks you do in your kids/spouses lunches 
to keep them “safe”, chilled, or fresh?

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