Picture Goodness

I think I might have mentioned 
how much I love my iPhone (like once or 11 times!). 
Do you have an iPhone?  How much do you love it? 
Favorite feature…the camera of course!  
And don’t you just love that out of focus and fuzzy 
pictures are now acceptable??? 
Here’s just a few that I wanted to share from Instagram… 

 He’s now discovered his fist and how tasty it is!

 Liam now knows how to tie his shoes!  
Ian showed him twice and now he is a master at it!
 I’m hardly in the pics so here’s proof that I’m alive!
 Wearing a hair bow…literally.

We had a fun play date at the museum.

Date night with my favorite story teller.  
Doesn’t get better than eating Chick-fil-a in an empty parking lot!
 So loving those cheeks!
 Splash pad fun!
 10 toes.
 Enjoying the sudden downpour.
 Our new bed.  
Can you believe that’s a 12″ King?  
Sleeping much better these days!
Cleaning up “art” work!

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