Prep & Landing

Our favorite Christmas movie around here is Prep & Landing. It’s one that Disney put out on the ABC network about two years ago and recently released it on DVD this year. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. The originally is no longer available online, but you can watch another “episode” here. The story line is that Santa needs help prepping and landing at all of the children’s homes. There is a certain team of elves that come before him and help Santa out.

This year, Liam decided all on his own that he wanted to have a Prep & Landing party and invite his cousins over. He planned it all out and I just made it happen.

They all watched the movie while snacking on popcorn and sipping on chocolate milk.
Then Liam invited them over to the table to decorate cookies. I made my chocolate sugar cookie recipe found here.

They had a ton of fun loading up each cookie with frosting and every kind of sprinkle provided!

Liam made them each a Prep & Landing supply kit (if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what each are these are for).

And I had Ian (at the last minute) make me some simple green elf hats for each of them.

They all had so much fun pretending they were elves and preparing the house for Santa.
At the end of the movie, Santa gives Wayne (one of the elves) a special snow globe, so Liam gave each of his guests one of the snow globe cookies I made, found here.

Liam loves his cousins dearly so I’m sure he will remember his “party” for years to come!

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