Revovering an Ironing Board

Ironing is probably one of the most boring chores to do, but I committed to make it part of my “job” and so it is what it is. With a husband who has a casual business attire type job I do A LOT of ironing…let me correct myself…should do A LOT of ironing. It’s usually the last chore on my to do list.
If only we could afford a weekly dry cleaning bill!
{That’s actually on my want list of ‘when we become millionaires’.}
Anyways, I usually do the ironing late at night when I can put on a movie that isn’t animated. The other night when I was actually on top of things and getting the dreaded chore done, I looked down at my sad and pathetic ironing board. We got it a couple of years ago for super cheap at Target. At the time I thought the plain cover was kind of vintage-y looking and it was one of the reasons I picked it.

A new cover was a must so this is what I came up with. It only cost $5 to do and would have cost less if I used string instead of elastic. Anyone can do it so I encourage you to spruce up that old, crusty ironing board cover!

All you need:
Ironing board
100% Cotton Fabric (measure your ironing board+4 inches all around) I used about 1 3/4 yard by 40 inches
Matching thread
3 years of twine, yarn, ribbon or elastic
Sewing Machine

Remove your current cover and padding. Throw your cover away, but keep your padding. Unless that is crusty too, then you will want to replace it with new. You can purchase it at any fabric store. I kept mine because it wasn’t too bad. Place your ironing board face down on the wrong side of your fabric. Make sure to lay out your fabric smooth and straight. Using the board as you guide trim fabric around the board leaving about 4 inches on all sides.

I pinned mine (not pictured) with an inch hem all the way around. BE SURE to leave yourself about an inch opening so you will be able to thread your string through. You could go the extra mile and turn it over 1/4 inch and then turn it over 1 inch, but I just used the zig zag stitch to help prevent fraying.

Use a large safety pin to help guide your string or elastic (I used 1/4″ wide) through your opening and all the way around the cover.

Prop your board up as high as it will go. Place your padding onto the board and then your fancy new cover. Cinch your string or elastic until the cover is snug around the board. If using string tie in a secure bow. If using an elastic, pin, remove cover and then zig zag stitch back and forth until secure. Replace onto ironing board.

Now step back and admire your custom work.
I might iron all day long just to admire how fabulous this is…or maybe not!

{Feel free to spread the word about this tutorial!}

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