Summer Wrap Up

Summer isn’t officially over so I don’t feel so bad for posting
my pictures of some of our fun over the season!

When I came back from Savannah,
I found these beautiful parents that my parents sent!
I love my parents!

Also my sister -in-law came over and decorated my house
with balloons, streamers and signs.
So sweet!

Then my best friend, Lori, brought this
bountiful basket full of Hostess goodies!
She is always so thoughtful!!!

Liam always has a good time…I love this little boy!

We had a pretty quiet 4th of July this year, which was fine by me!
I felt like we were going a million mph so it was nice break!
(Sorry for the wonky pic!)

We are officially past the stage of him
lying down for his monthly pictures!
He is so busy and I just love him!

Ian and I had a date night with some new friends from our church.
We went to Let’s Art Party to paint a super fun and beachy picture! Not sure where we are hanging it, but we had a blast doing it!
My friend, Tiffany, taught the class and I highly recommend going!

Sharing part of my childhood with Liam.

Owen started crawling at the beginning of the summer
and would get trapped everywhere.

We hung out at the splash park and lounged out by the pool!

We went to some super fun birthday parties for friends!

Now, at the end of summer, Owen is standing up on
everything and is completely adventurous.
We are currently practicing standing and I think he
will be walking by Christmas…YIKES!

Ian and I went out on a date again
(I know! Two dates in the same month!).
We treated ourselves to Cheesecake Factory then
saw the last Harry Potter flick.
I cried.

Mostly we’ve just been trying to stay cool in our crazy hot weather! It’s the kind of heat that just makes you sick being out in!
Along with Ian being busy with photo shoots
and my whole LA trip (which is still to be posted)
we have been really busy these last three months.
And it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down,
but I’m okay with it.
It’s that good kind of busy that keeps you out of trouble!

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