We’re Almost Half Way!

Are you making or eating something with cheese this week??? I told you all about the super fun campaign that I’m ivolved with here and I am back this week to let you all know that this week’s theme is “What’s For Lunch?”.
All of those cheesy soups, sandwiches, quesadillas you are making this week…take a picture and upload it here (don’t forget to sign up first) and you’ve just donated 100 meals through Kraft and Feeding America. Take a short video (even with your smart phone) of you making that dish and you’ve just donated 200 meals! It’s that easy!
Today we just reached the 40,000 mile marker so we have 60,000 more to go. I would love it if you helped us in this yummy effort to feed people in need!
Get more details here…we have until the end of November.

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