Who’s Still Grilling?

I’m seeing fall decorations and pumpkin recipes everywhere!  Even though autumn is my favorite time of the year, I’m not just ready to give in to breaking out my cardigans just yet with all of the 100 degree weather we are still having in Austin. 

With hot summer weather still looming about, it still has me craving anything and everything to do with grilling!  I was excited to be asked by Man Crates to share some of my grilling must-haves with you.

Back the truck up.
Man Crates?

Yes, I said Man Crates.  But, Amy (you ask)?!  You are a girly girly at heart and so is your blog!  Why in the world are you talking about manly stuff?  (Like how I just made up a conversation between you and I?)

Two reasons…
1.  I am surrounded by 1 man and 3 boys who are going to grow up to be men.  Duh!
2.  Who isn’t a sucker by complete genius packaging???  Everything they ship comes in a legit crate.  With a crowbar.  Like I said.  Legit!  What man (or boys) wouldn’t love that?

They’ve created these gift crates that are pretty smart and perfect for any man.

Okay, back to grilling!

Here are some of my must haves for a great cookout…

We’ve tried every flavor under the sun and you can’t go wrong with any of them!

No matter if you are grilling up some marinated chicken or a spiced rubbed steak, this salad goes perfect with anything!  

These 16″ ones are perfect!

Hands down this is my family’s favorite bottle marinade!  
We discovered it years ago and always have a bottle in the fridge.  
It’s especially good on kielbasas!  

Vegetables are sooooo delectable grilled and putting them in a grill basket 
just makes it all that much easier to flip and cook.  
Especially bacon wrapped asparagus. 
Oh yes! 

So, who’s still grilling?  We’ve got a about 6 more weeks of perfect grill weather so that means 6 more weeks of fabulous meals!

{I was not paid or compensated in any form for this post.}

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