I Give It An A+

Many of you have asked me how I ended up liking the Tide Pods that I talked about here.

In two words….love them.

I’ve used them for about a month and I haven’t had one complaint. The scent last long on our clothing. So easy to use and I know how many loads I have left until I run out. I’ve actually trained Liam now to where he can actually put a load of laundry in by himself (as I stand over and supervise, of course) and I don’t have to worry about him dripping liquid or powder soap everywhere. He thinks they’re awesome and I think it’s awesome that he enjoys helping me with the housework. I’ll take that as a win win situation!

No, I am not getting paid by Tide (I wish) so this is straight from my mouth to your ears…totally worth the extra pennies (about $.23 per load if you buy them from Costco)!

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