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Most of the time when I get on the internet, I get lost. I go on trying to find one thing and ending up finding something totally different. I just get caught up on the fun links everyone provides and love to explore! For all of you looking for a new blog template (I know a lot of my family uses them) here is the best one I have seen out there! And I can't even remember how I found it!

Leelou Blogs

The best part about this cuteness is that they are FREE!


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  1. I really wish I'd just jump in and change my layout/background. My blog is so boring! Thanks for the link!
    BTW...I got your message. We were out with cousins, so I missed ya...sorry! I'm sure I've already told you my idea, I've just been thinking about business "things" lately. I'll talk to you about it soon:)