My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Family



Recently we got to visit with Ian's cousin's family from Utah. Kennedy is only days older than Liam and we used to hang out with them when we lived there. It was sooooo good to see them again. I stole these pictures from Janine's blog...with her permission of course so I guess that isn't really stealing...because I don't steal.
Liam and Kennedy playing in the Jump house at Jordan's first birthday party! Liam absolutely loved it!!!
We took Hal and Janine to Buffalo Wild Wings and gorged ourselves. If that wasn't enough we ate some Braums ice cream to top it all off! Afterward we hung out at our place......with Edward and Jacob of course. The three men of Janine's life!
Edward and Jacob had to have a picture with their girlfriends. Hal and Ian don't mind one bit...because they are made of paper! I am not that crazy...maybe a tad!
The boys getting the butts whipped on Wii Fit. That "game" is such a blast (workout)!
It's so great to see our "babies" actually playing together now.
We are so happy that we got to see them for a visit. They are some of our favorite people!!!


  1. the twilight heads. I think I need a set of those

  2. are you taking edward and jacob to the movie, too??

    love ya!

  3. Hellloooooooo! I miss you. YOur blog is adorable. That pumpkin bag is adorable. I saw your note you left on my blog...thanks...hey...are you going to scrap-a-way? Do you love Texas? I love the head puppets of Jacob and Edward...Oh my...I just forgot his name for a second. Well, the RS gang misses you. Love your guts!!!!!

  4. What fun pictures--I love the wiifit one because of the others I got to see in the background. I know they were so looking forward to seeing you.

  5. Your our fav peeps too!!