My Name Is Snickerdoodle: Trick Or Treat!


Trick Or Treat!

Chalk this up to one more post you'll be reading today about Halloween!  I'm sure I'm not the only one posting about what a great time we had last night.

slightly blurry and pixely
photos where taken with my trusty phone!} 

We started the night off with going to Ian's boss's house where the boys couldn't wait to see what they got!  

We teamed up with some cousins and took the street over with a robot, peacock, bumble bee, monkey and a tiger!

I loved seeing this kids get all excited when they would come to a new house! 

Liam laaauuuuuved his costume!  He wore the head for the first 20 minutes, but it kept getting in the way of his vision and would fall off more frequently that he would have liked.  He was totally obliviously to how many trick-or-treaters (and their parents) were commenting on how cool he looked.  It amazing what a diaper box, cheese ball bucket, and three rolls of duct tape can make!  


  1. The robot costume is ingenius! I think I want one for myself.

  2. can I say Wow.....on the costumes.
    It was awesome about the glowing of Liam's costume. All the pictures are very good. Thank you for posting them. Sounds like everyone had a great time.

  3. Liam's costume is crazy awesome!! Love love love it! I think I'm going to have to copy it for my 3 year old next year!

    (P.S. I follow your blog courtesy of Collette E.! I was in the Hurst 1st ward 10 or so years ago and have been friends with them since then. She chatted me up about you and I've been following you ever since!)

  4. oh my goodness! I LOVE the robot costume! the glow sticks are so clever! ;) totally makes the costume!