124 Days Old

Guess who is eating rice cereal? Baby rules change every day and I think now you are supposed to wait until they are 6 months old to start feeding them anything. But, when this guy grabs at my food and fork, stares you down when you are eating anything…you start to feed him. He didn’t know what to think the first round, but then all he wants now is to eat his cereal. Do those fingers look familiar? It really must run in the family!

This little boy is such a smiley joy to
be around when he is not screaming because he is too tired!
He absolutely loves eye contact and movement.
He will definitely be my go go go child! Liam is definitely his favorite person with me being a very close second.
I love that there are short times in my life where
one person thinks I am funny!
He is starting to grab everything around
him and has a good, strong grip.
Some of his nicknames are Bubba Joe, Booger, Turkey,
Sweet Cheeks and Mr. Poopy Pants.

Mr. Liam is starting to notice when I take pictures
of Owen and will try to sneak into them.
Love him.

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