FRAQ (and a question for you!)

Frequently (Recent) Asked  Questions

Are you still alive?

Well, yes I am…if you consider barely showering by 1 pm and forgetting my name ever so often then that’s alive!

How are you doing?

My kids are still alive and my incision is barely oozing now days.  You asked!

How is Slone doing?

He is fantastic! A super eater and is starting to get on the right track with sleeping.  He’s constantly getting up around 2 am then again at 6.  Not my ideal time to wake up, but I’ll take it!  This is going to sound super, and I mean SUPER egotistical, but Ian and I make some extremely handsome boys!  I just can’t get enough of them and how stinkin’ cute they are! 

Typically it being a Friday and all, I usually have a recipe posted for you to try.  Seeing that I literally haven’t made dinner in about 6 weeks, I have a question for you.  What are you all making for dinner these days!  Link up or send me some pins in my comments!  We have been extremely blessed with wonderful friends who have provided us dinner (and a gift card or two) so we’ve been well fed these last weeks.  I feel like I’ve fallen off the cooking wagon and need a little inspiration to get back on track! 

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