Chocolate Chip Cookie Perfection

My two littles are napping and Liam and I just whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  He’s always they best help when it comes to making anything in the Kitchen aid.  But he’s especially keen when it’s cookies!
I know I should be catching you all up on the past few months, but as I was scooping the cookies onto the tray, I got the bug…the “go and post about all these cookie notes you have running around in your head” bug!
I’ve had the perfect recipe for chocolate chip cookies for a few years now (you can find it HERE).  Not a single person I’ve come in contact with has ever just eaten one.  Ever.  I actually had to go in and edit that recipe just now because of all the changes I’ve made.  I’m such a milk chocolate girl (anyone else?), but have found that if you add in about a cup of semi sweet chips, it makes it all the better!   

Baking cookies has been a part of my life for years and I think I’ve finally come up with a few little secrets to make any chocolate chip cookie recipe even that much better!  Do any of you already do some of these tricks?  I hope I can share something new with a few of you!

Mix your butter and sugars together for at least 2-3 minutes. 
{It helps break down the sugars and get the butter in every nook!}
Double up on your vanilla extract (and make sure to use pure!)
{Everyone thinks it’s the chocolate that makes the cookie.  It’s actually the vanilla.}
Lightly whip your eggs together before you add them.
{The yolk and the whites do totally different things when you bake them so this ensures your cookies will cook evenly.}
“The Kicker” 
Incorporate your flour only half way before you add the chips.
{My batter is still really white with flour when I add my chips.  I then turn on the mixer and let it finish the job, doing two things at once.  It really helps with making a lighter cookie.  You know, the whole flour/gluten science-y thing?}
Under cook them ever so slightly.
{By like a minute or two.  There should be a hint of a buttery glisten on top.  Life changing.} 

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