A Bunch of Celebrations

This is me trying to catch up with our coming and goings over the last few weeks.
We celebrated Liam’s 4th birthday!
This picture cracks me up! He is already starting the “let’s hurry this picture taking thing up because I want to be doing something better than sitting here and smiling” pose. It was quiet and simple with presents and a non-fancy cake. I felt so guilty (that darn mom-guilt) because I know he deserves more, but that was when I was really sick and when he started to not feel very well either. We are going to take him to the Lego store soon (when we are all 100%) and let him pick out something fun! We did have a cookie “party” with our family last Sunday and of course he loved all of his gifts.

We also finished our Year In Review video for 2010. I started doing them in 2007 so it’s a must have. I was dragging my feet this year, because it’s a lot of work, but Ian gently encourage totally pushed me to get it done. He helped out a ton this year and with minimal arguing we finished all 29 glorious minutes of it! He created our opening which is my favorite by far. On the video it’s animated and very cool. (Don’t worry, Mom. You will be getting your copy soon!)

Two weeks ago we celebrated our 11th anniversary. And pretty lamely I might add. Before you go jumping to conclusions that I was disappointed in something Ian didn’t do…I didn’t plan anything either. We, meaning both of us, were totally mutual in being okay in not doing anything super special. It’s been the theme on my blog for a little while…SICKNESS has overcome our lives. He was completely allergy ridden and my soar throat was out of control. Only to be topped off with a wicked cough. We simply went to lunch to Carrabba’s without the kids. Both of us enjoyed the Fillet Mignon Marsala. PURE HEAVEN I tell ya! I am so amazed that I married the most perfect man for me and I love him always.

I found out on Valentine’s Day that another one of my recipes was featured on Tasty Kitchen. It was celebrated by jumping up and down, clapping my hands and maybe a squeal or two!

And for the one celebration and I am most excited about…Ian finally got his photography website up and running.
It’s a must to check out!!!

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