Over the last few weeks, we have had plenty of events to celebrate! February is definitely a busy month for us, but it’s one that I completely look forward to every year. (Brace yourselves as I attack you with pictures from my phone using every picture app that I have!)

Our not-so-little Liam turned 5. He is growing up and I can visibly see it every day. He is my sweet, tender, wonderful little helper and gives the best hugs ever! I have been wanting to make him a new blanket (we are a blankie family) for a while now, so I decided to save it for his birthday. He helped me pick out some of the fabric and was so excited to get it. We prepped him for weeks that he was going to give up his baby blankie (because it was practically in shreds) and he was just fine with it. I was the one that was crying!
This is him 4 years ago

And him now with his new blanket…

We celebrated low key with just family, wonderful food and of course a delicious cake!

I had a wild hair and actually had Ian decorate the cake this year. Well, he drew his classic character of Liam with a toothpick and then I frosted it in. It turned out just how I hoped it would!

Liam got to pick out a bike this year and he was completely excited to finally get to ride it!

He’s almost a pro now and I am thinking we will take off the training wheels come summer!

A few days later we celebrated our 12 anniversary, again, pretty low key. It gets more difficult with younger kids and with me being 7 months pregnant. I did purchase a scent from when we were first married and doused the house with it.

They discontinued it for a while, but I am so glad they brought it back. I bought us some fun treats and nibbles from Central Market and we just enjoyed the night together at home.

This last weekend also gave us cause to celebrate something totally unexpected. Ian was awarded employee of the year 2011 for his region (which covers three states)! He was blown away and honored! I especially love that he was recognized for all the hard work that I knew he was doing.

{I love sparkling grape juice!}

February also brings us Valentine’s Day. We’ve never really been ones to go all out because our anniversary is so close. I mean the biggest thing we did was all dress in white and red and treat ourselves to Tutti Frutti! There we a ton of other families there as well so, I guess it was the happenin’ non-romantical place to be!

So what I want to know is…
Have you celebrated something special recently?

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