This year…

…I kinda want to be out of my comfort zone. Just a step or two, because let’s face it, I am not that free willy nilly. I tend to be a creature of habbit {don’t we all?} and it’s getting old. I used to think outside of the box when it came to a lot of things, but lately I have been so blase about everything. Here are some of my ‘out of the box’ resolutions for the new year.

✮You all know that I want to change my blog for the better…better for my creativity {and yours}, better for my generosity {hoping to work in some giveaways} and better for my pocket book {hoping that I can make my blog cool enough that I can catch some sponsors!}.

✮Try some ‘not the usual’ recipes I always try and share them with you. Don’t expect this one too soon because it will take some planing on my part, but starting this week you can look forward to FFF’s again!

✮Be a little more trendy. I have a couple style blogs that I ‘read’ and I want to be that adorable, too! Last night I was at Target {surprise, surprise} and I found an outside-of-the-box-for-me black and gray striped shirt. (I can’t seem to find it online), but you have seen them everywhere. It’s cute on it’s own, but I am going to pair it with an Anthropologie inspired flower pin that I am making. I may even try a belt, but that could be three or four steps outside that safety circle!!!

✮Comment on every blog that I actually read. This includes strangers blogs, too! EVERYONE enjoys comments…let me restate…everyone enjoys POSITIVE comments on their blogs. A few years ago, that’s all I lived for. To see those comments building up on MY blog. Then there was a point that I blogged mostly for my enjoyment and was grateful for the comments that I got and not hoping to get. So I decided it will all come back in full circle if I start to comment on others blogs that I lurk at. Yes, I am a lurker, too!

✮Start laughing out loud/finding more things humorous. This might sound so weird, but I hold it in when it comes to laughing at things. Not that I am a prude by any means, but for some reason I don’t let it out! NO MORE! If you suffer from the same inner laughing like I do…let it out by watching one of my favorite comedians. “Hope it’s chocolate for me!”

✮BE FUN! Plain and simple. Stop doing the dishes and play heroes with Liam. Stop washing the laundry and roll around with Owen on the floor. Stop folding my arms and give in to the car dance party that Ian insists on doing at E V E R Y stop light. So, yes, we will be those people you all stare at, but secretly wish were you!

Of course I have very typical resolutions this year, but I am trying to put a twist on those, too!

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