While I was in Utah, I kept getting text after text that everyone saw my article in Taste of Homes magazine this month. I had forgotten all about it so I was grateful for the reminders! My great friend, Deneigh, even sent me pictures from her issue.

You know what? I still haven’t seen it in person! My subscription (that my wonderful friend, Lori got me last year) ran out in November! Sad to say that I went to the book store to buy it and it was nowhere to be found. So if any of you have the December issue that you are willing to give up, please send it my way! I would love a copy of my very own!

Here’s a sneak for all of you who haven’t seen it yet…SO EXCITING!

{Thanks, Deneigh!}

Also, today I’m featured over at RWOP for a super fun holiday video. And not just any video, but a great and adorable baking video where I share some fun twists on holiday treats. Make sure to check it out…even if it’s to see how huge my baby belly is!!!

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