Don’t Be A Grinch Family Night

Don't Be A Grinch!  Super fun ideas for a family night that will make your heart grow two sizes bigger!  Perfect for Christmas time.  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle

 Three years ago we started the tradition of watching How The Grinch Stole Christmas and treating ourselves to Grinch Floats.  My boys love it and look forward to that first Friday in December when we dubbed it Grinch Night.
We (like many of you) sit down as the family, snack on something yummy and watch either the cartoon or movie.  It wasn’t until this year that I thought of some other ways to make it a little more meaningful.  I mean, because if the Grinch can learn a heartfelt lesson, why can’t we?
Here are some of my ideas and some things I collected from other fabulous bloggers!

  • Make a couple plates of cookies and secretly deliver them to someone you might have been a little ‘grinchy’ to.  Or someone who might be a little ‘grinchy’ and spread a little Christmas cheer.  These fabulous cookies from In Katrina’s Kitchen would be perfect! 
Grinch Cookies
  • Stand around the Christmas tree, while holding hands and sing some Christmas carols.  
  • Have each family member think about something they’ve been ‘grinchy’ about the currently.  Write down a way to change it, roll up the paper, tie a pretty bow around it and place it under the tree.  During the craziness of Christmas morning, it will be a great reminder of how you can be a better person.  
  • You’ve seen these everywhere, but I couldn’t resist adding them to the list!  Grinch fruit treats are fun for little hands to make.  And super easy according to Nourishing Minimalism!
Grinch Christmas Fruit
  • If you have littler ones, act out the book!  Have someone be the Grinch, Max the dog, Who’s and of course Cindy Lou Who.  You will be surprised of how much they will enjoy it!]
  • Like I mentioned, we always have Grinch floats that are made up of Lime Sherbet and Sprite.  This year I used some washi tape to spruce things up a bit. 
Grinch Floats  |  My Name Is Snickerdoodle

If your family isn’t into floats, decorate some fun bottles of green soda like you can find at Catch My Party! 

Grinch Soda
  • Go and do an act of kindness.  Drop off some groceries on someone’s doorstep.  Get some other families together and sing some carols at a retirement home.  If you’re not sure where to find local opportunities for service, check out Just Serve.  It’s an online service provided by my church

Let’s all be less ‘grinchy’ this season and just learn to enjoy the moment, make wonderful memories, love others and most importantly remember WHY we are celebrating Christmas!

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