Valentine Printables For Fidget Spinners And Tops

Valentine printables are so fun to make and there are a thousands out there.  Fidget spinners are almost a thing of the past, but my boys still love them!

Valentine Printable for Fidget Spinners

It always fun to give out candy as a valentine, but some teachers discourage it.  This year I decided it would be fun to give out little toys instead and I found awesome ones over at Oriental Trading.  When I saw these Mini Fidget Spinners, I knew that my 10 year old son would be excited to give these out to his 5th grade class.  When they get to be a bit older, it’s harder to find “cool” valentines.  I got the approval from him that these would work perfectly.  Valentine Printable for Fidget Spinners

Plus, I find it’s also harder to find boy themed valentines that aren’t super hero or Star Wars.  Not that there is anything wrong with them, but when you have three boys, you try to mix it up a bit!  In the past we’ve passed out Gum Valentines and  Pencil Valentines.

Here is what you need for these Valentines:

  1.  Download and print the printable.
  2. Cut out with paper trimmer or scissors.
  3. Punch a hole in the upper left corner.
  4. Cut 5″ of twine and thread to through the hole.
  5. Tie fidget spinner to the tag.

Valentine Printable for Fidget Spinners

Your kiddos are going to love passing these out to their friends.  If your school doesn’t allow fidget spinners you cal always use adorable spin tops that the kids love playing with as well.

Valentine Printable for Fidget Spinners

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