Georgia On My Mind! {Day 1}

It’s been over a month since I went to Savannah.

52 days to be exact!

That means you all have been waiting 52 days to hear all

about this every-so-fabulous adventure I’ve been blessed to be on!

Ian is in the process of making me some picture templates for my blog so

I don’t have to post picture after picture,

but for now you all will just have to endure a few picture heavy posts!

But, when we are talking about Paula Deen, a super fun contest,

and $25,000 smackaroo’s no one really mind anyways!

All 16 finalist were flown out to Savannah on Monday, mostly arriving late afternoon.

{Bekah, Sharon, Carmell, Me and Amber}
Sweet Amber (an employee of Eqal) greeted us with open arms at the airport!

{Sharon, Paula M., Carmell, Me, Rachael, Bekah}
We were then escorted to the gorgeous Avia hotel to settle in and get our finalist packets.

“Paula” also greeted us in the hotel lobby! Season Two, oh yeah!

Each and every one of us was lucky enough to stay in the luxury suites!

Do you see those flowers? They were from my new BFF, Paula Deen.

It was all starting to become truly real at this point! Many more moments like that to come!

{Me, Sharon, Moni, Paula M.}

Later that night we were whisked away for dinner at the Olde Pink House.

Hands down it was the best restaurant we ate at!

{Photo courtesy of Nick Chiappina}

{Front Row L-R, Kirsten, Paula T., Rachael, Beth, Rebecca, Josee, Carmell, Me

Back Ros L-R, Moni, Bekah, Heather, Debi, Paula M., Sharon}

Most of the finalist! Two of the girls were delayed by their flights!

{Paula M., Me, Bekah}
It’s even said to be haunted…See, here’s proof!

It was so great to finally get to meet the finalists after all this time.

We had kept in contact with each other online and got along great.

Everyone mentioned they were a little leery there might be drama,

but not once ounce of drama was to be found!

The night only got better when Paula Deen herself showed up to greet us all!

Everyone has asked me what she is like in person.

I am here to tell you that she is 10 times better!

And a small little thing!

She made the room light up with her personality and inspiring spirit!

We all got a picture with her!

There were so many cameras out!!!

Her husband, Michael accompanied her and was just as great.

She gave us all some great advice and told some wild stories that had us all rolling!

That night as I laid in my ultra comfy bed, I couldn’t even believe I had gotten to this point.

I mean, I had only submitted one video and here I was!


Who would have thought?

to be continued…

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