Last year I switched from using white rice to brown rice.  
Just something little to be a little healthier.  
Baby steps right?  
Well, I guess that quinoa is the new brown rice and 
I’m behind on the health trend. 
I first heard about it last year, 
but only thought that vegans and uber healthy people ate it because the thought of eating rice was abominable!  
Gotta love those starches.  
More and more people are eating it these days because 
it’s becoming more readily available.  
Now, I’m not trying quinoa because it’s the trendy thing to do, 
but a healthy choice to make.  
Food and eating is all about choices…
whether they are wrong or right, that is up to you.  
Am I ever going to give up a heaping pile of 
creamy mashed potatoes and gravy?  Probably not.  
I am, however not going to make it a 
heaping pile every time I eat it.  

Off track (as usual).  
The reason I’m posting is I’m calling out to you healthy people and even those who are trying to make more healthy choices.  
What recipes have your tried using quinoa?  
Link me up to those recipes or pins that you’ve tried or 
are planning on trying.  
I mean…this bag was not cheap so 
I want to get the most out of it!  
Alright, ready…set…GO!

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